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Improve the learning experience at your school


Manage your students' exercises, assignments and grades

Certificates and diplomas

Issue certificates and diplomas digitally

Create a course in just a few clicks

Our Course Management System is so easy to learn that even a 6-year-old could create his own courses

Develop your team's potential

Train your teams, retrain your employees, or recruit new talent

Train in your core business and earn money

Create your own school on and earn money on each enrolment in one of your training courses.

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Transparent hosting

Oschool hosts your course content for you and backs up your site and student data so you don't have to worry about it.

Data ownership

You own and control all your site and student data.

24/7 monitoring

We work around the clock to solve problems as they arise and make sure your doors stay open.

Instant updates

Automatically receive the latest features immediately, without having to update manually.

SSL Certificate

A 2048-bit SSL certificate protects your students and/or employees' information during login and payment.

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